World Famous Deli?

You may be asking yourself how can there be a world famous deli in Red Bay, Al.  Red Bay is the home of Tiffin Motor Homes Inc., manufacturer of Allegro motor coaches.  Their customers come from all over the world to buy, upgrade, and trade motor homes everyday of the week.  Word gets around at the campground, while the customers stay in town, of great places to eat in Red Bay.  We have gone from serving plates to local residents to serving customers from all over the world.  Come in and see for yourself how great the food is.

There are a few items that are prepared every day such as our delicious southern fried chicken, hand battered chicken tenders, and baked pork.  There is also a special each day which is noted  under the menu heading.

Deli Serving Hours:

Monday--Friday 11:00 a.m.--5:30 p.m.
Saturday 11:00 a.m.--2:00 p.m.

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